How our new App works

Yay Our new app is here! While you can already download our app for iOS, we are still waiting for Google to approve the Android version. We hope that this will happen as soon as possible. Here are the most important facts at a glance:

Early Access

We would have liked to put this app through its paces in advance. To make sure that our loyal customers* with an annual ticket are able to book during Covid-19 times, we had to release it early and in incomplete condition. Our seasons and film information are available to everyone. However, the booking of tickets is only possible to a limited extent. The way is the goal: we will add more features bit by bit in the coming months.

Advance Booking for subscribers (Kinoabo)

In order to book with your cinema subscription (also annual ticket / season pass), you have to register in the app. To do so, you first have to create a new password at the email address under which your season ticket is registered. See an automated translation of our tutorial for this here.

Afterwards you can book tickets in the app and with your photo ID, smartphone and face mask ready, you can go directly to the entrance. Before you do so, please read our instructions for booking tickets with a subscription again - an automated translation of which you can find here.

Payment only with gift cards (Wertgutscheine)

Currently you can only pay for tickets with our vouchers with a desired value or cancellation vouchers. Due to the accelerated release and concurrent circumstances by Covid-19, we have not yet been able to integrate a payment provider into the app.

No emails, no notifications

Currently, our app is not yet able to send you emails like order confirmations or push notifications. Your tickets are only available through the app, so you'll have to manually remember the beginning of the performance. We are working to fix both.