What's new and different due to Covid-19

Welcome back! We are very happy to finally be able to make cinema for you again. We have changed many of our procedures to ensure that we provide you with a cinema experience that is as safe and enjoyable as possible for us and you. Actually, we're still fine-tuning some things, which is why we haven't had the time yet to make a proper translation of our safety measures - so please be patient with us. In the meantime, we hope this automated translationg gives you a good overview over everything we're doing:

Cleanliness and disinfection

  • We have significantly increased the frequency and intensity of our cleanings. We also disinfect frequently used surfaces such as door handles, handrails, taps, card readers regularly between performances.
  • For your hands, all our cinemas have disinfectant dispensers filled with virucidal (virus-killing) disinfectant.
  • In case of suspicion: Employees* with corresponding symptoms are requested to leave the premises and stay at home until the suspicion has been medically clarified.

Your seat is safe

  • We have introduced allocated seating for all shows and cinemas. The seats listed on your ticket are binding.
  • Our auditorium capacities have been reduced in order to implement the distance requirements.
  • With allocated seating, our system automatically blocks the appropriate number of seats to the left and right of your booked seats, so that the minimum distance to other guest groups is maintained.
  • These distance rules allow us to achieve maximum capacities of 15-30% per hall. We ask you to be fair in your choice of seats so that as many guests as possible can enjoy the cinema experience in the rows that can be booked.

 Find your way

  • Each of our cinemas has a guidance system with signs, barrier tapes, cords and markings to ensure that all distances and upper limits are observed.
  • We have severely restricted the number of people who can stay in our foyers. Please make your way directly to the auditorium after you have bought a snack or drink.
  • Many halls have separate doors for entrance and exit. Please pay attention to the signs: The way in or out of the room may be different from what you are used to.
  • The entrance control is contactless. Instead of ripping off your ticket, we scan it from a safe distance. Please have your ticket ready in time. If you have a season ticket, please show your official photo identification directly with your ticket.
  • Admission ends when the performance begins. Late arrivals will not be admitted due to the route concept, hygiene procedures and out of consideration for the other guests.
  • After the end of the filming we ask all guests to leave the hall one after the other.


  • In our cinemas, masks are mandatory outside your seat. You do not have to wear a medical mask, a so-called 'community mask' (mouth and nose protection) is fine.
  • At your seat and during the performance you can of course take off the mask, eat popcorn and have a cool drink. As soon as you get up, you must put the mask back on.
  • Without a mask there is no entrance. If you forget your mask, you can buy a mask at our ticket offices.


  • In all our cinemas we adjust the ventilation cycles. The ventilation is switched on earlier than before and switched off later than before.
  • All our cinemas exceed a prescribed minimum outdoor air rate of 20 m³/h per guest by far due to adjustments in the ventilation and reduced capacities.
  • We have adjusted the supply of fresh air in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our ventilation and air conditioning systems have filters (usually of quality class F7), which are changed at regular intervals.

Snacks and beverages 

  • Our range of snacks and drinks is of course there for you as before. In some cinemas, however, the selection may be a little smaller than you are used to. 
  • In some cinemas, snack and drink counters are now located at different locations than ticket counters. Follow our guidance system!
  •  All our cash desks have received Plexiglas panels. Wherever possible, we have set up separate cash desks for snacks/drinks and ticket sales.
  • In cinemas with dishwashers we use reusable dishes that are cleaned at high temperature. In cinemas without dishwashers, we temporarily use only disposable dishes.
  • Our team wears virucidal gloves when filling popcorn.
  • All surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Book in advance and save time and money

  •  We kindly ask you to book tickets online in advance if possible. For all with a cinema subscription, season pass or annual ticket, our app is available in trial mode.
  • Within the scope of the officially prescribed contact tracking we have to collect name, phone number, email address or postal address. If you book online, this happens automatically and you don't have to do anything else on site. If you buy tickets on site, please allow time to fill out the form.
  • Until August 31st you will not only save time but also money: in July and August the normal price for all regular performances is 1 Euro less for online bookings.

Changes to the Yorck Card

  • For technical reasons and to relieve our foyers, we have to temporarily suspend the issue of new Yorck cards.
  • Existing Yorck cards can still be used.
  • As a technical innovation, from July 5th up to two points per booking can be collected if several tickets are purchased. Especially couples will have the opportunity to collect the same number of points when using only one card.
  • We are revising our system to enable a faster issue of Yorck cards again in the near future. Soon we will reveal more!

Changes with cinema subscription, annual ticket, season pass

  • With our new app, all season ticket holders can book tickets in advance for the first time. At the moment the app is in trial operation, which may still result in minor restrictions.
  • If you have booked tickets via the app, go to the hall with your smartphone and an official photo ID. Show your ticket to our*m staff* at the entrance for scanning and your official photo ID for checking.
  • Of course you can also buy tickets on site at the cinema as usual.


  • We have adjusted our starting times and equalized playing times to allow separate inlet and outlet.
  • The release of our program may be delayed from time to time due to short-term changes.
  • Since the release of international films is dependent on developments in countries such as the USA and China, the release dates of announced films may change at any time.

Private screening

You can always rent one of our cinemas for private screenings. You can find further information at yorck.com/rental

In addition, each of our cinemas has created an individually developed hygiene concept that goes into even more detail about the individual conditions on site. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and wish you a pleasant cinema experience!

As a very wise man called John Wick once said:

People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer. But now, yeah, I'm thinkin' I'm back.