What is a Digital Vaccine Pass and where can I get it?

The Digital Vaccine Passport required by Berlin state law is a QR code that follows the EU Digital COVID Certificate standard. It can either be presented from a phone or in a printed out version.

Is my vaccine pass valid?

If your digital vaccine pass was created within an EU country (for instance, Italy's Green Pass), it should work in almost all cases.

Vaccine passes created outside the EU (for instance the UK) need to be converted into an EU-compliant digital pass.

I was vaccinated outside the EU. Where can I get an EU-compliant Digital Vaccine Pass?

Bring the original vaccination documentation and your ID to a local pharmacy in Berlin. They can issue you an EU-compliant certificate. You can then use the CovPass or CoronaWarnApp app to save this certificate on your phone.

Please note that in order to get an EU-compliant vaccination pass you need to have been administered a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agencies. You can find the list of approved vaccines on the EMA's website.

Please also note that many pharmacies may turn you down because there are no clear guidelines on how to proceed, so getting your pass may require multiple attempts at different stores. If you have a recommendation on pharmacies, we're grateful for a quick email to hilfe@yorck.de