Guide to our Covid-19 rules for your visit in Berlin cinemas

Starting 01 Apr 2022, there is no need to provide a 3G proof (vaccinated/recovered/tested) anymore. Yet there are a few things important for your visit:

We are keeping social distancing a bit longer

We will continue to block one seat between bookings of different guests for now, even after 01 April.

Please keep wearing a mask while on the go

We kindly ask you to keep wearing a mask when you are not sitting on your designated seat out of consideration for other guests and our staff members – especially in areas like lobbies, hallways and restrooms.

We keep our ventilation settings from the past year

Our ventilation systems will remain on maximum fresh air intake settings and completely exchange the entire air of the auditorium during every screening.

Until 31 Mar 2022, you still need to present a valid 3G proof at the door. Details.