When will cinemas reopen?

Many of you have asked us what recent government decisions mean for a possible reopening of our cinemas. Unfourtunately, yesterday’s decisions left us with too many unknowns to answer that question.

We are grateful that politicians have taken into account recent studies that demonstrate how safe cinemas are with precautions in place.
We also agree that rapid and self-tests are an important tool to combat this pandemic.

But from the availability to the verification of rapid tests, there are too many questions unanswered for us to be able to confidently plan reopening. Furthermore, rapid tests should not lead to cultural participation becoming a luxury good. Cost-free and viable solutions are needed, as well as an overall strategy consisting of vaccination, testing, hygiene measures and contact tracing.

We are in contact with other cinemas and politicians and hope that answers and solutions will be found quickly. As soon as we have firm information on reopening, we will of course inform you right away.